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Filter Fabrics

PTFE coated fabrics can be used as different type of liners in order to resist high temperature such as non stick liners, oven liner, microwave liner etc. These are highly resistant to temperature & chemicals thus, used as an insulation fabric in steel & petroleum industries and power plants for saving energy.

Fiberglass Fabric

Fiberglass has excellent compatibility with epoxy resins, polyester resins & vinyl ester resin for several uses. It is preferred over steel wire because of its high tensile strength and excellent fire & heat resistant ability. The non-stickiness and anti-corrosive properties of fiberglass fabric makes it ideal for producing conveyor belts, fusing belts and seating belts.

PTFE Membrane Laminated Woven & Non- Woven Fabric

The PTFE membrane lamination in woven fabric makes it moisture permeable & heat resistant which can be used for covering or wrapping material in power plants, chemical, electrical and petroleum industries. PTFE Laminated Woven Fabric comes in different thickness, width, weight, tensile strength and variety of colors like brown, black and white.